Hi, In 2005 my husband quit his well-paying job, we sold our house, cars and everything that didn’t fit inside a 10x10 sq ft storage unit, and took our then 8-year-old kid out of school and traveled around the world for a year. We even spent a month in Thailand! It is something I will always treasure. It changed our lives, and in ways you wouldn’t think. First of all, you can always re-join the rat race if you want, the bar is pretty low. Second, you won’t be living in a box while you’re traveling or when you stop (unless you’re addicted to heroin or something). I fulfilled a lifelong dream, my husband, who was at first resistant, has used the experience to build his career and is a fantastic adventurer and our daughter…well our daughter is not the same person she would have been had we stayed planted. She has an entirely different idea of what is possible, what the world is like and has subsequently traveled through Northern Africa and Europe on her own. We don’t worry much more than if she was on the other side of the country (we live in the US) because we can assess the risks and responsibilities. Traveling overseas for a year opened other possibilities, we’ve lived in Europe as expats for awhile, we’ve been to over 40 countries and we’re figuring out what our next act and retirement will look like — probably more of a vagabond life once the dog dies :( But if adventure and travel is part of your DNA, it will always be there. Don’t fight it. If you want to read about our adventure we blogged about it on only-planet.blogspot.com. Cheers.

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Freelance writer and author of screenplays, short stories and articles. I've traveled to over 40 countries and have a hard time passing up the local dessert.

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