Dr. Lakoff, I have read Don’t think of an Elephant and many of your blog posts and while I understand and believe what you are saying, I’ve always wanted to ask you if this Strict Father Morality is inevitable? Is it a nurture or a nature thing? Meaning, can we change the brains that tend towards a strict father view, and if not, why do they embrace these values, while others don’t? I would venture to say that religion has a lot to do with how people view morality but I am surrounded by a large number of god-loving Christians who do not fall into a Strict Father morality. I know UCC, and Jesuits who fight for the young, the old, the weak, the brown. I also do not see a pattern of Strict Father Morality folks coming from just the Strict Father family. In fact, I see a number of people who are raised in an Authoritarian household and as a sort of rebellion, lean more nurturant parent. So, how do you make or unmake a Strict Father?

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